Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Checking in

Here we are, nearly six weeks into summer vacation.  I can hardly believe it.  It is going by so quickly.  This afternoon, a good friend with bad allergies came for a visit, and her presence made me aware of all the dust in my home.  Dust, cat hair, general untidiness (no funk, I assure you…the bathrooms and kitchen are not unclean!) and I realised how long it has been since I did much other than soak up summer with these two little girls and a lack of schedule.  Hallelujah for that!  How blessed and lucky!

For our fun craft project, we dove into marbleized paper à la Artful Parent with shaving foam and liquid watercolours.  This is an excellent, satisfying summer project!  I highly recommend you set it up outside with a ready hose to wash off all the extra shaving foam the kids cannot resist.  Clean-up of the table and trays was simple too.  The results: awesome.