Friday, September 12, 2014

Have a fabulous weekend!

Hi friends!

The dust is settling on the new school year.  What a whirlwind as we got going last week!  School started last Wednesday, and then we had a birthday party on Sunday--a secret agent birthday party for a very special 9 year old girl.  The party was ridiculously fun!  I hope to share more about it soon, and I'm particularly hoping my computer and camera will agree to talk with each other again.

This week was all about settling into routine.  We had homework meltdowns (some from the kids, some from me).  We had schoolwork breakthroughs.  I ran errand after errand solo for the first time in three months.  I even started a Pilates class (only been talking about trying that for about a dozen years or so…but who's counting?).  I went down the rabbit hole of the internet, trying to figure out where in the world my family will live after our next international move, and came out again relatively unscathed (several hours in my day later…).  Tomorrow night, Hubby and I have a fabulous date night planned.  We'll be attending the black tie gala opening of the symphony.  Having never "done" black tie in our lives (no, not even our wedding was black tie), this is a big event for us!

For your weekend fun, I'd love to share…

this perfect comic for procrastinators (like me!).  Hubby saw it, shook his head at me and moaned "Oh, this is so familiar."  I haven't shown him this article yet.

this beyond perfect recipe for brownies.  I may have made them half a dozen times this summer, and I just made them for a school event yesterday.  Do not try to resist.  They are too delicious!  Thanks, Deb, for your culinary wizardry!

a drool-worthy Parisian apartment.  The building.  The parquet floors.  Oh my, yes please.

Have you heard about Rent the Runway?  It's a website that offers dresses, jewellery and handbags for 4- or 8-day rental at surprisingly reasonable prices.  A girlfriend directed me there for my black tie event tomorrow, and the dress choices are so much fun!  For my event, I received my dress of choice in two sizes and a "back-up dress" in a different style in one size for an extra $30.  All told, two gown choices for only a fraction of the cost of a formal gown, and I will only need it this once.  Thank you, Michelle!

Happy weekend to you!