Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hitchhiker scarf


It was nearly a month of dedicated garter-stitching, but I did it.  I knit the ever-popular-on-ravelry Hitchhiker scarf as a Christmas gift for my daughter's beloved 2nd grade teacher.

With handmade gifts, I long ago learned that you have to enjoy the process and the result yourself, because you can never be sure how the recipient will respond.  The person might not like it.  She might not know how much effort and planning it takes, and even if she did, she might wish you'd just gone with a gift certificate instead.  It's not that I expect this to be the case, but really, you never know, so you have to be happy with it...and I am!

The pattern was super-simple and very satisfying.  I do not typically enjoy knitting scarves (too monotonous!), but this pattern was very approachable, even for me.  Each tooth requires 8 rows of knitting, so I could feel the progress and I always knew where the next stopping point was.  I'm sure the Noro yarn helped, because I do love watching those color changes.  This is called the Hitchhiker scarf because the original pattern and yarn yields 42 points.  I only reached 40 before capitulating to mild tendonitis and moderate readiness to move on.  It is over 6 feet long, so I doubt that's a problem!


Again, I'm not sure if she will like it or wear it, but I hope she does.
Meanwhile, I'm very tempted to knit another one.
There is a perfect red variegated yarn in my stash...


  1. Beautiful! What kind of yarn did you use?

  2. Thank you, Helena! It's Noro Silk Garden sock. My revelry notes on it are here: