Monday, March 28, 2011

How To Give Your Spouse Insomnia

Last Saturday, I went to my first-ever full body acupuncture session. I have been curious about it for a long while, so Hubby had given me a gift certificate for full body acupuncture and shiatsu massage as a Christmas present. It took me this long to make an appointment. The place is busy. Also, there's the factor of my nerves and lots of little needles.

I'm not sure how the appointment went, to be honest. I didn't like the practitioner. He was very short on conversation (explained absolutely nothing about what he was going to do and why) and a bit rough. Rough with needles is not a good combo. I was mostly doing all right (despite our personality mismatch) until one particular needle went into my back with searing pain that brought tears to my eyes. I tried to downplay how freaked out it made me feel (it burned and burned and HURT even though he removed it right away), but there's only so much one can do when one's back and legs are full of little needles. His response was very unsatisfactory. He said, "I guess if I chopped your leg off, you would have less pain response than one little needle." WHAT?

Long story short (too late), I went home teary with a burning sensation in my back and a great sense of unease. I lay in bed the next night, still trying to make sense of what happened when a disturbing idea popped into my brain: what if he had injected something into my back? That needle felt just like a painful shot, the hurt of the needle going in, the spreading burning sensation radiating from the site... I know I've probably seen too many movies, but the thought, so horrific, wouldn't go away. I sought comfort in my very-sleepy husband, admitting the crazy idea which sounded even crazier out loud. I expected him to tell me how mad it was, console me and reassure me that I just had a rough experience, etc. Instead, he said,

"Well, if you think that's what happened, that's probably what happened. You never know."

Then, he started snoring. Apparently, he was already asleep.
Thank you for that.

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