Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tiny Tea Leaves #2

At last, I finished the Tiny Tea Leaves for my Sweet E.

I'm feeling very sheepish about the hibernation period, but we're both very pleased with the final product! The sleeves are exactly as she dictated. She showed me just where she wanted them to hit on her arms, and they somehow magically hit that spot! When it was nearly done, we went button-shopping together. It is her sweater, design adapted by her, so I told her the button choice was hers. She chose some hot pink rhinestone-type buttons, and she could not be any more chuffed. Alas, one broke before I could even sew it on, but do you think that made one bit of difference to her?

That grin is why this mama knits.

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  1. Love it Jennifer!! I've utterly neglected blogging and knitting and all things creative for months now, to my shame. But now, as the evenings begin to draw in and I can smell autumn in the air, I'm feeling the urge to knit (when I'm not busy with the horse of course!) so who knows, Sophie may one day be able to share her old pal's grin!