Monday, November 3, 2014

Nuggets of wisdom: hitting the gym

Despite a strong gym aversion, I have started attending fitness classes twice a week. It was everything I thought I would hate: blaring music, a peppy instructor in pigtails, steps, weights…but it turns out I need someone to push me towards greater fitness. Said peppy instructor turns out to be very motivating and excellent at understanding how to adapt a (big!) class for various levels. I really like her classes, and I do feel much better (and decidedly hungrier!) after I go. With fitness on the brain, I finally asked my friend Rebecca how she manages to stay so fit and trim.  Once upon a time, she was a professional ballet dancer, and she still looks the part three kids later--all lithe and lean.  Is it all the years of training that her body simply won't forget?  Does she not eat dessert ever?  No glasses of wine or beer?

She blushed as she admitted she doesn't pass up sugar or adult beverages; in fact, she doesn't pay too much attention to what she eats (within reason).  She also admitted she hates going to the gym...yet she goes without fail at least three times a week.  She says the other women who show up as regularly and work out as intensively claim to do it because they love it.  They say they love how it makes them feel.  They love how it burns the stress.  They are addicted.  Rebecca says that's not her.  She hates it.  She always hates it, but she goes because she knows it's healthier than not going and it keeps her metabolism up so she doesn't have to pay too much attention to what she eats and still fit in her clothes.

I love the honesty, and her words sure felt like wisdom to me.

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