Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The World's Funnest Tablecloth

Another item off the want-to-do list! (Please do not hold me to this level of productivity.)
Remember this photo?

Last week at a très fabulous shop in town, I found some "chalkboard oilcloth". They had cut a meter and laid it across a table, setting it with chalk-drawn tableware. So fun! I knew my girls and I would have a blast with that. My big girl is learning to read, and I love the idea of writing little notes to her at mealtimes. I bought two meters for our exceptionally long table. I'd also recently seen this post on WREN handmade about making oilcloth perfect for the table, so I decided to follow her example and sew some bias binding along the edge. I spent so much time cleaning the kitchen and dining room today (too much time!) that it seemed fitting to finish it off with The World's Funnest Tablecloth (and if that name doesn't speak a five-year-old's approval, I don't know what does).

Incidentally, this tablecloth did a mighty fine job diverting mayhem during the Witching Hour this evening. Bless you, magic tablecloth.

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