Monday, July 30, 2012

Tomato pie

The CSA (community-share agriculture) box included a big bag of very ripe tomatoes this week.  Score, right?  Not so much.  Although this may cause the Italian side of my family to reject me, I do not particularly like tomatoes.  It's a texture thing.  Fried green tomatoes?  Heck yes!  I knew just what to do with the three big green beauties in the box, but the five red ones?  Hmm.  The idea of tomato salads was out.  Tomato sauce is too boring (and hot).  What to do?

I went to my favourite cooking blogs and typed "tomato" in the search bar.  Tomato soup, tomato sauce...and then Simply Recipes yielded this gem: tomato pie.  I was fully prepared not to like it, but then I read the description.  Elise was speaking my language when she said, "Think pizza meets cheesy bread and they make out in a pie crust." Hello!

tomato pie

Oh, she was right, my friends.  Trust Elise.  Trust me.  This was amazingly delicious.  I served it on its own (remember, I was prepared not to like it and had back-up pasta ready to prove it), but toss a green salad on the side and dinner is served!  It is good enough for guests, and its laid-back flavour could go just as well with a beer as it could with wine.  Lemonade popsicles for dessert.  Make this today!

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