Thursday, August 2, 2012

CSA day

When you can't get motivated to cook dinner, photograph the goodies from your CSA box instead.

CSA box: Aug 1

CSA box: Aug 1

CSA box: Aug 1

My favourite is the world's smallest cantaloupe (spelled incorrectly, ahem) next to the world's biggest tomato.  I should have put a ruler in there for scale.  They were about 5 inches wide.  Can you tell we don't live in a tropical region?  The cantaloupe is so cute we almost don't want to cut into it.

I have no idea what variety those yellow tomatoes are, but they are really delish.  They almost taste salty at first bite.  I gave them a valiant effort (you may recall my issue with tomatoes), but Hubby ate most of them.  Between the gorgeous yellows and the huge red, yesterday's box did make me wish I were a tomato lover.

Last night's dinner turned out to be easy after all.  I cut up cucumber and tomatoes from the box and put them out with extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt and chèvre.  It was beautiful.  Rainy, warm summer days yield glorious produce...even if I choose to fill up with peanut butter toast in lieu of tomatoes after the kids go to bed.

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