Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Newborn "puerperium" cardigan

Hi friends!

It seems the post when I shared the Hitchhiker scarf I knit for my daughter's teacher has been my most popular post ever.  Who knew?  Thank you!  Shall I share a bit more knitting?

Last month, three wee babes were welcomed into three different friends' lives.  It was a busy month!  When we learned the first one was a preemie, I jumped at the idea of knitting a teeny tiny cardi for her.  Then, me being me, that didn't happen.  Still drawn to a baby cardigan, I changed gears to a very popular free pattern on ravelry, the Puerperium Cardigan.  I love that it fits like a pullover without actually requiring a pull over baby's head.  Just lay baby down, fit those sweet arms in the sleeves and button up the front.  Simple, practical, but not available in shops.  Exactly the kind of thing I like to knit.

finally sewed on buttons

baby cardi with buttons

My notes on ravelry are here.  The yarn is Rowan Baby Merino Silk DK, which I absolutely love.  It is warm natural fiber, so soft and sweet, available in the most gorgeous colours, and is superwash (machine washable) for those moms who are too sleep-deprived and hormone-addled to remember to gently handwash out the spit-up.  In other words, it might be the most perfect baby yarn I've found yet.

Again, me being me, I finished the knitting but somehow neglected to sew on the buttons for 3 more weeks.  Now it is finally done, but it is small and babies grow awfully fast.
Lucky I also love giving books...

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