Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Home again


We are home, and it is so good to be home.  Summer is here.  Watching my 5 year old play in the backyard sprinkler in the late afternoon sun, I felt our jet-lagged day of 4am wake-up perfectly captured the essence of summer.  We are tied to no schedule.  Awake or tired or hungry or playful at odd times, I could say...

...yes to popcorn in the morning
...yes to sprinkler time, then pool, then more sprinkler time
...yes to an impromptu playdate that lasted for hours
...yes to smoothies and pasta with butter for lunch
...and yes to that lunch as an indoor picnic on the living room floor
...yes to on-the-fly peanut butter & Nutella Zoku pops
...yes to stripping naked to dry off and running amok with hula hoops

Ah yes, summer.  We're happy you're here.  We're happy to be home.

But where did we go?

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