Friday, June 28, 2013

In Germany

Neues Rathaus, Hannover

Rathaus, Bad Salzuflen

happy day

Mama with my sweet flower girls

Hotel Rosengarten, Bad Salzuflen

field in Empelde

The main aim of our recent trip was to attend the wedding of my sister-in-law.  They live in Hannover, but the wedding was held in the lovely small town of Bad Salzuflen, where the groom's family lives.  It was a perfect wedding.  The groom is a good man whom we're excited to welcome into the family.  The bride looked happier and more beautiful than I've ever seen her, and she was so excited she answered "Yes!" (in English!) more than once before it was her turn to complete her vows.

The weather was completely bizarre the five days we were in Germany (swinging from a stiffling, unpredicted heat wave to tremendous thunderstorms), but it held for their special day, neither raining nor too hot--a true blessing and we think a sign of good luck for their marriage.

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