Friday, August 2, 2013

Self-portrait challenge

trying out the TimerCam app

The ladies of A Beautiful Mess are hosting a 30-day self-portrait challenge (they are actually half-way through, but I only just learned about it).
To participate or not to participate?  That is the question.

Taking self-portraits has always seemed a bit egocentric to me (which is a bit odd, seeing as I love it when my friends take selfies).  I don't particularly love how I look in a shot on my own, but then again, no one else is taking the pictures.  If I try self-portraits, I can control the image and perhaps learn quite a bit in the process.  I have read that a lot of women find taking self-portraits makes them feel more comfortable with themselves and just being in front of the camera. Confidence-building, not ego-enhancing (or ego-busting, when the photos aren't so great).  I like how this seems to be just what A Beautiful Mess had in mind with the challenge.  Maybe a group challenge to take a self-portrait per day for 30 days is just what I need to try this thing.  After all, no one has to see unless you want to share.  Hmmm....

Do you take selfies?
Will you join in the challenge?

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  1. We haven't taken the challenge, but it seems like a great idea and a great way to open up to new ideas and adventures. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at