Tuesday, May 10, 2011

KCWC: Days 1 and 2

Did you decide to participate in the Kids' Clothes Week Challenge? Monday (yesterday) was the first day. Although my to-do lists and want-to-do lists are already miles long, I thought the challenge is a perfect opportunity to make time for at least one sewing project for each of my girls. Thank goodness prep work and knitting count! Otherwise, I'd be a challenge drop-out already (that's exactly counter to the point).

On day one, I selected a pattern, Citronille's Suzanne, and copied it for each of my girls (of course, now that I'm looking at the whole site, I'm thinking Albertine would be a better choice for the cooler weather we are now having). I washed, dried and ironed the fabrics (wonder if I have enough for the different pattern...). End of sewing work.

Later in the evening, I did manage to knit one sleeve on my daughter's cardigan that I've been working on for over a month, so that felt great!

Today is day two, and my attention stayed with the cardigan. So close! I finished the sleeve, finished one side...and another! Sewed on buttons and VOILA! A finished garment! I am so happy and proud!

(will post picture when my young model decides to cooperate...)

What's in your work basket?

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