Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to be fabulous

This afternoon, I was chatting on the phone with a mom from school. She and her husband have always been very warm and friendly with us, but we've never spent time together outside of school (they are part of local royalty). I had to call her about something small, and she made great conversation. After some chatting, she mentioned she has become hopelessly addicted to online shopping, only recently discovered since it's still not very common here. She had purchased some bathers (a swimsuit) and loved them:
"All this time dreading the shops, not finding anything, and then I order these, they are delivered to my door, and they fit like a dream! I'm so happy!"
Naturally, I pressed for the site so I, too, could be fabulous.
"Oh, it was just Dolce and Gabbana."
Of course it was.

I'm going to keep this story in my backpocket for the next time my husband remarks on my discretionary spending with his "I'll never be able to retire" mumble.

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