Thursday, December 15, 2011

Perfect muffins

My wee girl wanted to bake raspberry muffins today. We've been doing a lot of muffin baking lately, and I admit many efforts have been less than satisfactory. One recipe had too much sugar (a whole cup between 12 muffins), another required too much butter (more than a tablespoon per muffin), others were too dry... It was time for reliability. I turned to Smitten Kitchen and tried out Deb's perfect blueberry muffins, because really, Deb is to be trusted completely in the food department (especially when it comes to treats). She has never let me down. Not once.
These muffins.

I swapped raspberries for blueberries, added white chocolate chunks and omitted the lemon zest. Then, I tasted them to be sure I could write to you with authority. I ate three to be sure (ahem).

I am tempted to make several batches and leave them on the doorsteps of all my neighbors to surprise them on Christmas morning.
Happy Baking to you!

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  1. know where i live.....morning muffin drop is always welcome! x