Sunday, December 4, 2011

Today: the good, the bad and the ugly

Great way to spend a Sunday
...go out for brunch at the river a movie at home
...relax on the couch and play with the kidlets
...late afternoon trip to the beach with lots of swimming
...evening cuppa from Mama's advent calendar

Such a Sunday would be even better if preceding these wonderful moments is not the horror of maggots falling from a light fixture in the dining room ceiling.
Countless maggots.
Meaning the source, when found, will be far worse (and it was).

Silver lining?
At least this isn't what we awoke to find (it only started around 9).
At least we were well and done with our early breakfast.
And at least is wasn't on a weekday morning. Then I would have had to deal with said source myself instead of praising the heroism of my hubby.

We still enjoyed a wonderful family weekend, and I hope you did too!
(Certainly hoping your Sunday start was/is more ideal!)


  1. um, what maggots!? may have neglected to discuss this matter!....i hate maggots!....what was the source!

  2. It was a long dead rat in the attic. At least we found a way in. At least Hubby was home to deal with removal. The details would make you hurl, my friend, which is why I neglected to discuss! Seriously, you and I caught up over breakfast! Somehow, other topics seemed smarter. ;)

    The worst bit is there is another odour now. We suspect second dead rat. Shivers. Blech!