Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Yesterday, Stephanie and I spent over five hours in the car, to-ing and fro-ing with a school run and car service pick-ups and loaner returns.  We finally got home close to dinnertime.  Both girls were tired and cranky.  After a relaxing walk with Papa, Ellie returned and demanded to know where her dinner was (excuse me?).  When I set dinner on the table (bean dip night, one of her favourites), she had an absolute meltdown about the tortilla chips being the wrong brand (and again I say, excuse me?).  What a day.

Once the kids were in bed and Hubby and I settled in for some reading, I brewed up a pot of my new favourite tea and found this message on the tea string:

Good reminder

Yes indeed!  Thank you for that reminder.  Because, really, you can always find reasons to gripe and moan, but you can also find reasons to celebrate and enjoy life too.  This past weekend was absolutely relaxing and fun with heavenly weather.  We spent as little time in the car as possible, and we all appreciated that.  The girls spent hours playing in the stream that runs past the playground, hunting for fairies, building stone dams fairy castles, and excavating dinosaur teeth (which we suspect is a bit of abandoned doggy bone but there's no telling them otherwise).

playground stream

Despite ridiculous pollen levels (thank you, makers of allergy medication), the grown-ups enjoyed lounging in the grass too.

Yoga: cat pose

And the best part of the weekend?  Mimi came for a visit!  After so many years overseas, I marvel that she just drove over because she could!


We were all so happy to spend time with her.
Her visit also blessed me and Hubby with a bit of perspective on this super-crazy-stressful transition time. There is a larger purpose.  Living here allows us to spend time with family and friends as we haven't been able to in many years.  The insane school commute ends this week with the start of summer break.  The lease is almost signed (yes, after a tremendously overcomplicated process but still).  Life will settle into a groove.


  1. Oh how I need to learn to embrace every moment too! Glad you all had a lovely weekend and roll on summer holidays!

  2. So you have a house?....is it near the school? tell me more?....as always I love your optimism xxx