Thursday, May 3, 2012

Schools and cars and such

Yesterday, we had a break-through: things went right all day long!  Woo-hoo!

In the morning, we successfully applied for and were granted learner's permits and photo IDs.  The next step is the road test for the driver's license, for which we need to own the we bought a car!  It's a "pre-owned" (that's fancy for "used") Volvo XC70, in great condition and with quite a few bells and whistles.  The price was right, so I abandoned my usual shop-around obsessiveness and bought it without a second thought.  Thankfully, I have a fabulous insurance company, so they issued us new car insurance right away.  Check, check, check!


On a roll, we decided to go ahead and enrol Ellie in the Montessori school we visited last week.  We liked it, she loved it, and she is keen to go.  She has asked daily since the visit.  We were hesitant because it is a long drive from our current, temporary apartment, but in the end, we decided it's better to try it.  There is only slightly over a month left of school before the end of the school year, so it shouldn't be too bad and at least it gives Ellie a good chance to reestablish routine and meet some other kids.  She misses school (the kid loves to learn!), and she is desperate for friends (no other families in these apartments, alas).  Her first day will be Monday.  The school has a uniform/dress code, so we did that shopping today.  Exciting!

Absolutely no developments on the housing front, but I will enjoy what break-throughs we get whenever we get them.  At least we have a fancy pants car for chauffeuring Miss Ellie to school next week.


  1. A volvo!.....fancy schamncy!
    What happened to the Country man idea? I'm still holding onto that one! x

  2. Still quite fond of the Countryman idea, but this is a great start. We need two cars here, regardless, and it's always wise to have a car that can haul things (and people) around. The Volvo will be good for long car trips and when we need a bit more space. Since we haven't been paid since March due to lovely bureaucratic hiccups (ahem!), we will wait a bit more before buying our second car, probably my Countryman! :)

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