Thursday, June 28, 2012

The perils of nighttime with children

Yesterday was a very long day.  Hubby had an excessive day at work.  Home was full on.  Dinner and bedtime went normally, and the girls were asleep at a usual time (whew!).  Then, I went to run some of the (never-ending) errands the girls hate attending.  I got home at 10pm, my bedtime, wanting nothing more than a sit on the couch and half a glass of wine before a shower and bed.

That's when my four-year-old came downstairs...and refused to sleep ever again.

Fast forward to midnight, when both kids had been awake for over an hour (the second having been woken by the heat, thanks to the ancient air-conditioning), said four-year-old was literally howling in her bed at the idea of sleep, and Mama and Papa were increasingly unamused.  At that time (and again this morning), my mind flashed to this book.
So reassuring to know how popular it is.
We are not alone.

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