Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When kids are quiet...

big backyard

 This morning, the girls headed out into our new big backyard and disappeared into silence.  I know well enough that quiet kids usually mean they are up to something, but I let it go.  They are outside!  They are in our own backyard.  It's a safe neighbourhood.  It's all good, right?


They called me out to view their masterpiece.

proud decorators

They had been busy picking flowers from the garden and decorating a plain bush in the corner of the backyard.  They were so proud of its newfound beauty!  They couldn't wait to do more!

The problem?
We don't have a flower garden.  The neighbour does (sorry, Nancy!).

newly flowered bush


  1. Oooppps - but that plant sure looks pretty now! Your big back yard looks lovely by the way - lots of room for summertime fun and play.

  2. Nancy won't mind I am sure!....your yard is enormous!!!!