Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baking with butter (aka "call the cardiologist")

I realized last night that I have baked with more than 2 pounds of butter in the past week (or less).
It has been mighty tasty around here lately.

weekend birthday cake

Over the weekend, we enjoyed chocolate birthday cake with butter roux frosting.  More specifically, it was The Best Chocolate Cake in the Whole Wide World with Cloudburst Frosting from Alicia.  I felt a recipe title like that was a rather bold claim and needed investigation.  I can confirm it is most excellent, particularly when enjoyed with a glass of pinot noir...or tea, of course.

tea and cake

Last night, I was enjoying a bowl of broccoli cheddar soup and perusing Deb's latest recipes on smitten kitchen.  All she had to do was mention homemade apple butter poptarts, and I knew that was my next project.

homemade apple butter pop tarts

These babies are dee-lish-us, but they should come with a free visit to the cardiologist.  There is half a pound of butter in the dozen of these.  Whew!  My girlfriend gail asked how they compare to hand pies, and I have to admit that I might prefer hand pies.  I think I prefer a greater ratio of fruit to pastry (did I just say that?).  On the other hand, I foresee limitless possibilities in trying these with various fillings from Nutella to homemade jam.  I picked up some pomegranate jam at the farmer's market last week.  I bet that would be amazing.

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  1. All looks delicious - and what's a pound or two of butter between four right! Happy Birthday and enjoy your cake!