Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First poncho morning

Last spring, I knit a poncho for Stephanie in a week when the temperatures ranged from 80F to 30F.  We were still living out of suitcases and she needed something fun and functional.  This poncho was not it.  She refused to wear it, and I couldn't blame her.  It stretched like crazy and wore like a big ol' baggy blanket.  Not exactly stylish.

Fast forward to today, our first cold autumnal morning on the bicycle, and suddenly the idea of wearing a big ol' baggy blanket sounds absolutely perfect (not that this means she wants her picture taken in it)!

First poncho morning


We cycle to school each morning.  Ellie rides ahead of me on her big girl bike without training wheels (very important!), and Stephanie sits behind me in the child seat of my Dutch Omafiets.  We are famous thanks to the huge basket up front.  Just about everyone at school knows who we are because of that basket.  Hubby thinks the basket is crazy and wants it gone, but it's my bike and I have an affection for it that cannot be explained.  Anyway, I digress.  The poncho.

She doesn't want her picture taken

Stephanie sits behind me and sticks her cold hands up my sweater to get warm (yow!).  This morning, thanks to that dreaded but now loved poncho, she was nice and toasty and oh-so-happy.  This poncho does indeed cover her front and back like a big, warm blanket.  I won't be surprised in a few more weeks when she asks me to make it long enough to cover her legs as well.


  1. Ooooh, so cosy! (And the current fashion here is the bigger the basket, the better - you're obviously well in tune with your inner Omafiets!) x

  2. Thanks for the reassurance, Gayle! I love that I manage to be in fashion without knowing it (possibly the only way I'm ever in fashion, but that's not the point)!