Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Escape to DC

DC Metro

This past weekend was Labor Day weekend, a long holiday weekend in the US.  A quick look at our calendar revealed that this weekend was our best and last shot before Thanksgiving to drive over to Northern Virginia to visit family, so off we went!

Most of our time was chock-full of family fun, but the first day (Friday) we had to ourselves.  We rode the metro into the city to visit The National Museum of Natural History.  We saw bones galore, some mummies (of people and animals!) with their tomb artefacts, impressive taxidermy in the Hall of Mammals, and insects galore.  Our favourite was the indoor butterfly garden on the top floor.  It was relatively small but housed a beautiful variety of gorgeous butterflies.  The blue morphos are always stunning and the luna moths are etherial...but our new discovery were the green peacock butterflies.  See the black one with green stripes?  Look closer...

in the butterfly garden

green peacock butterfly

Thousands of magnificent speckles!

We ran out of steam before visiting the gems and the fabulous (and creepy) Hope Diamond.  We were lucky to visit an almost empty museum.  How that happened on a holiday weekend I will never know, but it was nice!  The last time we were there, we did fight the crowds to see the gems, and the girls simply could not see the point (can't blame them!).

How was your weekend?

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