Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Coming back

I just completed an actual, productive, decent-sounding piano lesson, at the end of which my instructor stood up and said, "Yes!  We are back on track!  It took from the middle of December until now, but we are back on track."

So very true.

While I am no Grinch who dislikes the holidays, the fact is the mania and the pressure of it all, especially in the States, really weighs/wears me down.  Now, I feel myself waking up to this year's possibilities.

I'm knitting again.  Last Friday, I finally completed a (small) project I started with the best of intentions for a special birthday (missed that deadline, sadly, but it will still fit when received).  This morning's two-hour delayed start for school due to polar temperatures (again!) found me starting on the second sleeve of a cardigan I began knitting two years ago, motivated and excited to work despite the fact that I was up all night with an unwell child.

The frigid temperatures keeping us indoors make me look at our space with more discerning eyes, trying to maximise cheer and utility.  The playroom is overdue for a major overhaul.  My sewing space is a disaster of epic proportions as I used it all holiday season to dump packages and packaging, some of which still needs to be mailed (Cass, if you are reading this, I have not forgotten you! Nor you, Meg, Rosemarie, Katrina and Gayle).

I'm finding and seeking inspiration in so many sources lately, so much so that I feel a separate inspiration journal of sorts is in order.  I used to use Pinterest for that, but I want a hard copy.  Do you ever feel like too much is in the ether?  Once I begin that journal, I'll share a few pages here.

What about you?  Do you feel a shift happening as this new year gets going?  Are you starting or resuming any tasks or dreams that have been long-neglected?  What fun is on your horizon?

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