Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fleece pants

This winter has been oh-so-cold, and my jersey-loving girls aren't as cozy as they could be.  I doubt they'll trade in their beloved leggings for fleece loungers, but I wanted them to have the choice, especially coming in from snow play or even a trip to the pool at the Y.  They chose the prints themselves from the massive fleece selection at Joann's.  The pattern is pattern O from Happy Homemade Vol 2, a Japanese sewing book I really enjoy (now available in English, though I find the illustrations in the Japanese version easier to use).  My big girl's pants are the largest size and fit like a glove.  A growth spurt has put my little one between sizes, so I used the next size up.  Given the fabric, I think a size down would have worked better as these fit like fleece balloons.  She doesn't mind a bit.

Kids' Clothes Week has begun.  Although I missed day one (ah, Mondays!), I finally finished up these fleece pants today.  I cut them and sewed the first seams oh, two weeks ago (!), so we'll just say that counts for yesterday and today's hour.  It's all good, no?

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