Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Dance away those winter blues

NPR recently asked listeners to write in with songs that help overcome cabin fever.  They compiled a playlist of over 80 songs and shared it on Spotify.  If you haven't listened to Spotify before, it's perfect for this.  You can make playlists of any songs in their catalog and share them with friends.  You can skip around in the list, repeating what you like, skipping over what you don't, just like the good old days of making tapes for your friends.  You can't download, but you can stream anywhere you have internet access.  This NPR list was my first reason to sign up for Spotify (it's free), and I'm loving the variety!  The girls and I had serious dance party fun yesterday and again this morning.  Since this winter doesn't seem to have any intention of letting up any time soon, I thought you might enjoy the playlist too.  Hang in there!  Spring has to be coming at some point!

p.s.  there's another NPR compiled list of songs to get you through the winter, less wild than the cabin fever list, and yes, very good too

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