Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dry ice is cool

What you see here is the end of the day fun with dry ice leftover from school experiments.  Our big girl gave a fantastic report in her science class and used dry ice to demonstrate condensation and--more memorably--the fact that fog is captured inside the bubbles when you add dish soap to the warm water.  Her classmates went crazy for this fun fact, as did our wee girl's class when we showed them too.  We played with dry ice at a friend's house in the afternoon, and we had to bring it out again at home before bed.  Silly me didn't think to record the hilarity until kiddos were almost out of steam themselves, but ooo, dry ice is fun!  We bought ours at Butler Gas in McKees Rocks; it was less than $25 for 10 lbs (the minimum sold).  Worth every penny.


  1. Oh you are such a cool mama! My boys will be so jealous!

  2. Thanks, Aussie Mum! Your boys would definitely love playing with dry ice, though I'm not so sure Puggle wouldn't somehow give you a heart attack. ;)