Monday, April 7, 2014

KCW Day One

Today is the first day of Kids Clothes Week, the quarterly challenge to sew (or prep to sew) clothes for children at least one hour per day all week.  The theme is "Mini Me", and I'm excited about the idea of new spring clothes for myself and the girls!  After getting the challenge off to my traditional start--wasting copious amounts of time on the internet in the name of inspiration--I dug right in.  First up, Citronille's Suzanne for each of us, and one for a friend too!  Aim high, I say.  The patterns are cut, the fabric is washed and ironed, and the last fabric pieces were cut this morning.  Now, I just need to get sewing!

Before I get started, I have to sing the praises of this gorgeous fabric.

The design--from the Briar Rose series by Heather Ross--is so darling that I took a leap of faith, ordering it online, envisaging a fun little top or dress for my 6 year old.  What a wonderful surprise to find that the fabric quality is absolutely beautiful!  It might be the nicest quilting cotton I've had my hands on.  It is so soft and drapes rather beautifully.  My hands want to make it into a delicate blouse with ruffly shoulders, which seems rather silly since it is, after all, covered in picnicking frogs.  I will use it for a simple Suzanne dress for our friend.  Such a tactile pleasure.

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