Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Baby haze

I spent this past weekend in Denver, soaking up the snuggles with this little lovey.  She's just seven weeks old, turning the corner from newborn to baby.  Her mama is a dear friend from college, and we have shared a lot of stories along the way.  Sharing a few sleep-deprived nights, fussy days and peaceful snoozing felt like precious time.  It brought up so many memories for me, and it was exciting to watch new memories being made for her.

There is so much (too much) advice for new parents, so much pressure and judgment and frustration, that I was reminded of the favourite bit of parenting advice Hubby and I were ever given:

With each child, you write your own book.

Try what works for you and your child, and you will know when it is right.  Have faith in your ability to nurture this little person who has been gifted to you, even if it is not what well-meaning (or not-so-well-meaning) strangers, friends or family members suggest is "best."  You can do this.  Congratulations!

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