Thursday, October 13, 2011

Summertime happy quilt

I should probably come up with a name a bit more sophisticated than "summertime happy quilt," but that's just what this is. Last summer, I bought a 14 fat quarter pack of these Kaffe Fassett polka dots at the local fancy fabric shop, but I just couldn't seem to cut them up. All those spots are so cheery! Then, I realized that I didn't have to cut at all. Last week, I went back and purchased 2 more, and voila! 16 fat quarters becomes a 2 square-meter quilt!

Just in case you are wondering, a 2 square-meter quilt requires a lot of pins.

It is backed with some seriously bold Kaffe Fassett stripes.
Because I can.

(keep in mind, this is the reverse side. the front is much bolder)

The idea is that this will be our family's summertime toss-around. I can see it in the grass, on laps, on the couch, on a bed, in the shade...everywhere.

I made the top, bottom and quilt sandwich (including stitch-in-the-ditch of the squares) all in two days last week...and then the fabric store quilting guru told me the squares need further quilting to help it hold together better over time. It has been folded on my couch ever since. That may sound overly dramatic (it's only been a week), but I'm in limbo. More quilting? Maybe ties? I'm inclined toward ties (how to do that?). And then there's choosing a binding fabric for one seriously colorful quilt...

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