Friday, February 15, 2013

Crafting valentines

valentines in progress

This was our first year making and giving valentines for school.  In Australia, this wasn't common practice and definitely was not embraced in our staunchly Montessori school.  Here, there is no escaping it!  Valentines is a big affair, complete with class party, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity for some crafting.

Ellie was very clear on her idea.  She wanted to glitterize candy heart boxes and attach handmade valentines notes to them with tape.  Alas, not one of my pictures of those came out.  She was so proud. I'm sure the glitter was a hold-over from all the Muses glitter just last week (and the class presentations about it this week), but I'm sure you agree everything is prettier with glitter.

Stephanie, too, knew exactly what she wanted.  She wanted to create valentines that could be laced by the kids who received them.  She wanted heart shapes.  She wanted liquid watercolours.  A bit of trial and error resulted in some seriously awesome valentines, I do believe.  We cut heart shapes out of thick watercolour paper and then used a sponge to paint on a layer of water.  Then, she could drip liquid watercolours on with small little droppers until satisfied.

liquid watercolour via dropper

How cool are these?!

liquid watercolour heart

Our hole punch is old and got the better of her, so I ended up punching all the holes in these.  I ran some gift ribbon through one valentine to get the measurement, pulled it out again and cut all the lengths we needed.  Then we just threaded a few holes on each valentine so they could get the general idea.

lacing valentines

She was so proud of her work, and rightly so!  I only wish I had thought to cut an extra heart so we'd have one of our own to keep.

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