Thursday, February 28, 2013

Monthly challenge for March

birthday girl

Just in time for Stephanie's birthday, I finished sewing a new dress that I have had planned for her since October.  When I participated in the KCWC, I committed to sewing (or preparing fabric or cutting patterns...) for one hour each day for one week.  It was marvelous.  I watched a few ideas bloom into actual completed projects, and that felt wonderful.  Just one hour per day.  Surely, I would keep sewing, right?  Not so much.  It seems I need that committed time, and there are oh-so-many little projects I want to do (not just sewing).  One hour per day ad infinitem would be a bit unrealistic for me, but some would only need one hour per week or five minutes per day.  I'd like to challenge myself to a different, specific project each month, starting with March.  Small ideas:

  • a photo per day, with a 30 word or less caption
  • daily personal, handwritten journal time
  • handwritten letters to friends, at least one each week (or maybe a postcard-length note each day)
  • meditation

The overly ambitious, unrealistic part of me looks at this list and thinks I should just do all four.  Surely that would more day to ponder, but then I will launch into my challenge on March 1st.  Any ideas for a personal challenge of your own?

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