Thursday, March 27, 2014

A week in Maui

Years ago, Hubby and I (and Ellie as a baby bump) took a "baby moon" trip to Maui.  At the time, a dear friend lived there.  She pointed us to all the best spots at the perfect times to enjoy an incredible trip well off the tourist trail, which we loved.  We have held that trip in memory as such an amazing, relaxing time that we have talked about going back ever since.

Alas, my dear friend does not live there anymore, but we are finally close enough (relatively) to consider a trip once more.  On a whim, we looked up vacation rentals and found one during the first week of our Spring Break, a little cottage right on the beach in a quiet, residential area of Makena.  Swoon.  Feeling crazy, we nabbed it (Hawaii $$ = eep!), booked flights (12+ hours!), and wondered just what we had gotten ourselves into.

Quite simply, we got ourselves into this:

The temperature was absolutely perfect: not hot and only cool late at night, warming quickly with the sun each morning.  Sunshine blessed us every day but one.  The sound of the waves lulled us to sleep each night.  Our internal clocks reset so that we all woke early to greet the day and closed the evenings watching the constellations rotate through the skies until we sought our beds far earlier than we could have expected.  It was a rhythm of waking and munching, snorkelling and water play, out for big breakfast, downtime during midday sun and later back to the beach for more playtime, more munching and happy exhaustion.


We returned as jet-lag-wearied-but-oh-so-contented travellers to a forecast of snow and temperatures hovering around zero.  Spring is coming to our neck of the woods, but it has not arrived yet.  Until it does, I am trying to hold the sound of the ocean in my ears and the memory of sun on my skin.

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