Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Mardi Gras!

While the revelry is well underway in New Orleans, I'm back Down Under trying to readjust to "normal" and process the most amazing time I had in that crazy city. A girlfriend here sat down with me for a cuppa and asked me to tell her all about it. I could see her eyes glazing over, as she had no frame of reference with which to understand any of what I was saying. Thinking pictures might help, I showed her a few, and her glazed expression turned to one of shock. She admitted that the best image she'd been able to come up with in her mind was a small parade involving one "float" (which she pictured as a glorified trailer) and me on it with a couple of other women. No wonder she was shocked when I told her I was on float 10 of 26 (on the third parade of the night!), and there are an average of 30 women per float (though mine had over 40).

To my delight, our family friend Grandmary came to witness the goodness firsthand and she shot this video for me (and you!). You'll hear her shouting loud and clear for me, and I'm so glad she did. I never would have spotted her otherwise. Of course, once I throw her some beads, you can hear others take up the call...

Grandmary's spot was downtown, close to the end of a very long parade route. The crowds were thinner (though no less enthusiastic) and most of the Muses had run out of throws. I shot this little video from early on in the parade (on Magazine Street). People often ask me if kids can go to the parades, and the answer is yes, especially in Uptown! They typically perch on Mardi Gras ladders (ladders with seat boxes built onto the top). You'll see those in the video too.

Just in case there is any doubt that the Muses deliver the best Mardi Gras has to offer and the women of my float in particular are exceptionally awesome, the Chicago Tribune ran a little story on Mardi Gras, and look who they featured (can you spot me on the bottom left of the photo?).

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