Saturday, February 4, 2012

Rockingham Wild Dolphin Encounters

Another date on a boat for us today with Rockingham Wild Dolphin Encounters!
See that french-braided head second from the right? That's me, super close to wild dolphins who didn't seem to mind our presence one bit.


Rockingham Wild Encounters takes you out on a big boat. They make it easy, providing wetsuit, snorkel and mask, lunch...they even took these photos for us. When they find dolphins, you get into the water as quickly and quietly as you can (so not to disturb them) and watch. No touching! No feeding. No bothering. Just witnessing these beautiful creatures in their natural space.

We came across several parties of dolphins today (called "parties" rather than "pods" because they kept changing groups depending on their mood and purpose). One group of males were very engaged in "practice mating" (ahem). There were some intense feeders. There were even several females with a small baby dolphin (sweet!).


Here I'm bringing up the rear (almost out of the shot). It was my turn to wear the Shark Shield at the back of the pack. It's a small device strapped to the leg of a diver that emits a mild electric current. It doesn't bother the dolphins who navigate by sonar, but sharks use electrical currents to sense prey so they hate it. That makes me a big fan.

Look at these gorgeous beauties!



I don't know if you have watched (or have the stomach to watch) the documentary "The Cove", but if you do, you will become 100% converted away from the possibility of ever going to Sea World to see captive dolphins. Dolphins in the wild are so amazing, playful, intelligent, and FUN. If you ever have the opportunity to enjoy them in their natural environment, I can promise the experience is wondrous.

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