Friday, February 17, 2012

Long live Muses

Shoe dat!
We came, we rolled, we ruled!
Muses brought it once again to the people of New Orleans. We show them the love, and they show it right back! The crowds were insanely huge and enthusiastic. What an amazing ride! I can hardly believe I am lucky enough to be a member of this krewe, and the ladies on my float are some truly wonderful women! My experience last night was worth every minute of the travel time it took to get here from Australia.

A few little snippets...

Will Farrell (in the black jacket), King of Bacchus, showed up to wish us a great ride at the pre-party. Apparently, he brought his mama with him to New Orleans and is taking her out on the town most evenings. What a good guy. Next to him (behind the mike in my shot) is Patricia Clarkson, our honorary Muse this year. I didn't see her much, but if she didn't have a blast, I wouldn't know how she might have more fun.

Walking from the pre-party to the floats. I'd already boarded our float 10 (Forever 44 for the New Orleans Saints winning Superbowl 44), thus the high viewpoint.

We started rolling down Magazine St, and from the first instant, the crowds were awesome, filling every space and showing us how much the enjoy the parade!

By the time we got to St. Charles (the widest avenue), the crowds were truly insane. Several women asked if we were somehow riding on Bacchus. The crowds were astounding for what it still a school night/work night. People everywhere, all screaming for more! The noise was deafening at times. My head throbbed with it, but I couldn't stop smiling.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts played the after-party. Our float rolled in after she'd been playing for quite a while, but I caught a few of her songs. I didn't realize how many of her songs I knew. She was a great performer and seemed really into the crowd. The energy in the room was fantastic. The venue is surely smaller than she's used to, but the audience gave her all she needed.

And phew, I'm done for this year. As soon as I log off of my free internet here in CC's and finish my big ol' cafe au lait, I too will roll out. There are three more parades tonight, and I need to get out of town before they start to roll (and stop all the traffic).

New Orleans, I love you!
Muses, you are amazing!
Thank you for another truly incredible experience.


  1. yay! much year i'll be there with you honey!! xx

  2. Will Farrell was there too!....amazzzzeeee!!!