Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back to school

The girls went back to school today. In Australia, the school year runs along the calendar year, so they've just been home for several weeks (nearly two months, actually). We had a fantastic school holiday, and I so enjoyed the time with them. Their development synced again this summer, and they played so well together that it was just easy and enjoyable most of the time. Brilliant!

Of course, the girls being back at school can be pretty good too. After I dropped them off this morning, I went for a brisk walk with a girlfriend along the beach. When the heat got too much (which was quickly in the Aussie sun), we took a glorious swim in the Indian Ocean. A spate of shark attacks this summer leaves us both a bit nervous. Sighting fins not too far away wasn't so nice...until we realized we were in the company of three dolphins. What an amazing way to get the day going!

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  1. I told Paulo about our swim & he gave me a sidewards glance....especially after i told him about the fins!....that certainly got the heart pumping! It was such a superb start to the year...shall we do it all again tomorrow?....I will endeavour to be much earlier tomorrow! ;)