Friday, April 6, 2012

Brrrr says the human popsicle

It's Springtime in Northern Virginia. The trees are flowering. The grass is green. The leaves are budding. The robins are singing. The temperature is near freezing overnight...gaaahhh!

For the record, it doesn't get this cold in Perth in winter except on rare occasions and even then it doesn't last. We are just not accustomed to cold anymore. We are four human popsicles, and I'm guessing it's only a matter of time before the first one of us succumbs to a head cold.

But my, those trees are pretty!


  1. all the more reason to get settled in in a place with an open fire, feet up & get those knitting needles & stash out lovie!....I am looking forward to catching up on my annual scarf & beanie onslaught as soon as exams finish & a spot of sewing those Colette patterns too...only two more assessments this week...tomorrow & thurs....then 4 exams!...sheesh! hope you keep those tootsies warm & give a hug to those precious girls for me xxx

  2. Such a lovely thought! The other day, I actually knit a whole row on my cardigan. Who knows? It might actually be finished sometime this year. The actual settling-in process here has surprised us with its uphill-battle nature, so for a while, I will have to live my crafty life vicariously through your successes. I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations! Until then, good luck with your assessments and exams! xxx