Friday, April 27, 2012

Easy come, easy go

Hubby and I spent last night discussing, thinking, planning, filling out paperwork for schools and the rental application.  We weren't 100% convinced it was the right house for us, but there was a shift.  We could feel it.  With the decisions and so very many good pieces falling into place, there was hope, a lightness in the talk, a glimpse at the light at the end of this silly tunnel.

Alas, no.

Our relocation agent just called to say the house is off the market.  Another couple wanted it.  The agent told them we were in the lead with our 4-year lease term and the company-funded rent.  They upped the ante and got a letter from their company guaranteeing rent for 3 years, even if the couple moves.  They win.

From a businessman's perspective (it is an investment property), I can't say I blame the owner for his decision.  Still, I admit I am tempted to feel most deflated.  The uncertainties of this move are getting old.  Our airfreight--which should have been ready and waiting when we arrived and is full of items we truly need--is still missing.  Our sea freight is inexplicably bound for New York, where it is set to stop (how on earth someone came up with that idea, I will never know).  The weather has plunged to icy cold wind and grey clouds again.  I can't shake a head cold (3 full boxes of tissues used in 5 days--thank you, weather!).
But I am clinging to a small happy.  The girls have become obsessed with The Muppets (hooray!), and I can hear the Swedish Chef in my head saying "Easy she come, easy she go!" in that special, hilarious way of his (while he flings some cooking items over his shoulders).  Oh, that makes me smile!

To help fan that flame of happy into a blaze, I share this:

We'll get there, somehow.  This will work out in the end.
Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Which one did you go for & not get?....the HUGE one or the pokey 50's?
    neither of them were perfect so maybe it's a a REALLY good disguise! I love your dedication to keeping us in the loop....i wonder every day what you & the girls are up to.
    You'll find something soon....& the owners are all mad if they choose some one else over you guys! Nothing overly interesting to report here....I think i like birds....have volunteered to mind Oscars class birds now....oopsies! Oscar has a wobbly tooth & has his first ever footy game tomorrow! Mil aquired her first Gorman garment!....a cropped blue & cream organic cotton striped tee.....on mega sale....but she loves it! Shes loving the band & is hanging out for dancing to begin again....i'm not....i hate picking her up at 7.30 at term is even worse 8.30!!! Oh well....the things ya do. Good luck with the house hunt....a good one will find you xxxx

  2. Nothing like a bit of Muppet silliness to make me smile. Thanks for sharing!