Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hooray for normalcy

This afternoon, we moved into a furnished, two bedroom apartment.  Hooray!  It is so good being out of a hotel and into someplace we can stay without packing and unpacking again until we finally move into whatever will be our new home here, whenever we find it.  The girls are sharing a room, but at least they are no longer sharing a bed.  There is a full kitchen, so I was able to cook dinner for us for the first time in a long, long while.  The girls responded so well to the signs of normal routine.  They wound down at bedtime.  Their eyes drooped through a wind-down Sesame Street podcast or two.  We brushed teeth, read books, and then was sleep.

Or not.

It's now 9:10pm and counting, and Little Pookie is freshly re-wired (done by herself in the dark) and is driving me to distraction.  Oh well.  It is yet another first night in a new place.  We've moved them eight times now (eight!) in the past three weeks, so I suppose she's entitled to a little crazy.

The best part of this apartment is that is an actual address, meaning we can start other parts of the settling-in process now, such as applying for driver's licenses and hopefully soon buying a car.  I had hoped to settle Ellie into a school, but that is sadly still not on the cards.  I visited a few schools last week, and I even found one that made me feel quite swoon-y (never happened to me about a school before, but I found myself wishing that I'd be lucky enough to send a kid there)...but we aren't (yet) in the catchment.  Keep your fingers crossed that Lady Luck will toss an appropriate home in that catchment our way!

For now, it's apartment living for us, and man, it feels pretty good.


  1. Glad to hear things are moving along for you guys. Hope your little poppet finally gave you a good night sleep and good luck with the house hunting. Rascal asked me where your girls where this morning. I showed him on the globe but I get the feeling he thinks it is like driving to Albany or similar!

  2. Hello!
    So good to hear that you are out of a hotel. I am sure Ms Luck will throw you a bone soon in the area that you are more comfortable now & will stress less & good things will come to you.
    All ok here, last day of holidays tomorrow...Ma is taking the kids to the Lorax so I can get on with study, then back to school on tues then we have wed off...silly!....not silly for Anzac day silly that the kids either don't go back tomorrow or just go back on thurs...ah but what the hey. Big loves to you all xxx