Monday, April 23, 2012

Cast on

The daytime temperature has gone from 45 to 83 to 36 in the week (!) we have been in Pittsburgh.  Quite frankly, we haven't packed the clothes for this.  Oh, how I lament the moment in Perth when I held up my fleece pullover and my favourite scarf and decided they didn't need to be packed in our luggage.  Alas!  Since all the shops think people only need summer gear (even the online clearance sales lack winter-wear), I really had no choice but to cast on.

cast on for Stephanie's poncho

Remarkably, it was Hubby's suggestion.  Three years ago, for my very first knitted project, I knit a very basic garter stitch poncho for Ellie.  It turned out to be incredibly handy, and it lived most of its life in the bakfiets, ready to be popped over a kiddie head whenever the air felt too chilly.  Hubby suggested I make each of the girls one of those ponchos.  He knows full well what happens when I go to a knitting shop, but he sent me there anyway.  Amazing.

Forecasters were calling for up to 8 inches of snow today.  I know central parts of Pennsylvania are well-covered, and we haven't seen so much as a flake.  The air, however, is perfectly chilly and certainly icy enough to make sitting inside and knitting a delightful way to pass the day, especially when two little girls are just as happy to play the day away with no need to be carted to and fro in the car (except to the yarn shop, of course).

wintry late April

Look at that beautiful, wintry sunset!
Happy Monday to you!

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