Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chatting with celebrity

As we waiting to board our flight in Dubai, I noticed a woman standing apart from the line. She seemed to be waiting for something or someone. Really, I noticed her bag, which was rather huge and seemed to be made of some rough-hewn, woven leather, like she'd picked it up in a bazaar in some far-away country. Curious about the owner of such a bag, I looked at the woman's face and instantly recognised Susan Sarandon...and just as quickly looked away, not wanting to be a weird celebrity stalker.

My girls were running in circles around our legs, laughing hysterically and having a grand old time. As their circle of hilarity widened, I warned them to be careful not to bump into the lady. She smiled at us and said she remembered traveling with her own children. People would always comment on how well-behaved they were, but they somehow never noticed how hard she worked with Cheerios and crayons and colouring books to keep them happy. We smiled and laughed in commiseration, and then some staff member appeared to whisk Ms. Sarandon to the front of the queue and onto the plane.

I've never chatted with a celebrity before, however briefly, but it makes me smile that when I did, it was as two mothers over shared experience. Fantastic.


  1. mawwww....thats so sweet & cool! I love the fact that you noticed her you! I ordered some bright indigo blue ankle boots today to cheer myself up....i'm sure at least they'll make me smile! x

  2. Awesome! I wish I'd packed mine to cheer me. It's so much colder than we thought. Alas. My turquoise Swedish Hasbeens will have to make me smile a few months from now when they finally arrive with the rest of our schtuff.

    As for my chance meeting with celebrity, I admit I hoped I'd run into her again so I could ask her about the bag. There has to be a good story there. But alas, no. We'll have to guess at it.