Friday, May 31, 2013

Meditation through dinner prep

Yesterday afternoon, I was feeling awfully run down.  I had been hit by the Allergy Bus.  Actually, the Allergy Bus ran me over, backed up and did it again.  All that sneezing, sniffling and gravelly scratching in my eyes and throat left me seriously tired and cranky.  I knew I needed to reset my mood, but there was dinner to be prepared.  I washed and peeled carrots for a favorite salad to serve alongside our curry.  Although I have made this over a dozen times, always taking the easy route and grating them up in the food processor*, last night found me carefully cutting five carrots into matchsticks.  I have never bothered to devote so much time to prep, but there was unexpected pay-off.  The careful attention required by this precise cutting worked as a meditation.  I gave it my full attention, and the grouchiness slumped away.

Also, the salad was awesome.  Good food always helps!

matchstick carrots

*Honestly, the salad is perfectly delicious grated, just in case you wondered.

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