Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day in Sewickley

The Memorial Day parade in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, is locally famous.  It is a genuine, small town, homegrown parade including the local fire companies (thankfully not blaring their sirens), police cars, Girl and Boy Scouts, the local high school band, two bagpipe corps from nearby universities, and, naturally, local war veterans.  Cool weather helped bring the residents out en masse to observe this simple but meaningful Memorial Day tribute.

local fire company


Marine Corps veterans

Quaker Valley High School band

My father was in the military, but he never went to a war.  Nevertheless, I teared up when I saw two Air Force veteran officers marching proudly.  Fortunately, no one noticed as the kids were too busy scrambling for, trading and eating the little candies some of the vehicles tossed to the crowds.

candy barter and trade

 happy loungers

Thank you to all who serve and the families who support them!  We are reminded that our freedom isn't free.  On this day, we remember those who have passed on and those who have fallen.

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