Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring flower wreath from egg cartons

I left you hanging in the middle of Kids Clothes Week.  Sorry about that.  In truth, I haven't progressed a whole lot since last Wednesday, though I did sew for over an hour today.  Last Wednesday, I found out my car needed a new transmission for the bargain price of $9000 (yikes!), and then Friday, I left for the weekend to attend a friend's wedding in the midst of the worst weather I have experienced outside of a hurricane possibly ever in my life.  Both stories had great endings, but those are stories for another day.  Fortunately, my neighbour has taken great interest in the finished product of the class picnic blouses I started for KCW, so I have that extra motivation I require to carry on.  All's well that ends well, I say.

Anyhoo...craft, anyone?

spring flower wreath

My wee girl attends school from 12:15 to 2:45 each weekday afternoon.  When we first started this schedule, she wanted to do art with me every morning.  We would create together (or simply sit and colour together) for around an hour, then we'd take a walk, after which we'd do yoga and sing...(kidding about that last part).  This lasted for a few blissful months, but now she usually just wants to watch DVDs as much as possible.  Sigh.  I figured I would have to come up with something pretty good to lure her back.  I found this project via elsiemarley on Pinterest, and boy oh boy did it go over well.  And the finished product?  Totally adorable and very display-worthy.  She is so proud, and I love having it hanging over the woodstove, as she requested.  We both agree this is an excellent preschool art project, and it would make a beautiful Mother's Day gift.

cutting up the egg carton

painting the egg carton flowers

arranging the flowers on the wreath ring

We used 2 and 1/2 cardboard egg cartons and a large piece of scrap cardboard from the recycle bin.  I cut up the cardboard and cut out the flower shapes.  She did all the painting. When the paint was dry, she arranged the flowers and the leaves on the wreath form and I hot-glued them into place.  I prefer preschool projects with minimal adult involvement, so I can assure you she feels full ownership of this wreath.  I did the parts she knew she couldn't do on her own (cutting cardboard with scissors is hard!), but she is very proud of the overall work.

Wishing you a beautifully warm and sunny weekend!

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