Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend work

Years ago, I read a hilarious and oh-so-true Dilbert comic strip that concluded with the line "Engineers don't idle well." I left Hubby home with the kiddos while I traveled to DC on Friday and Saturday, and look what happened in my absence:

  chicken tunnel

The chickens now have a custom-built tunnel from their coop to their run, which has been relocated from the grass into the garden.  They can scratch and dust-bathe to their little hearts' content, and then they can wander into their coop for respite from the summer sun or a bit of rain.

Of course, Hubby didn't build this on his own.  He expected the girls to want to be involved, but he hadn't counted on this helper:

master building assistant

Naturally, Daisy served in a supervisory capacity.  The girls had building ideas of their own.


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