Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peaceful oblivion


It has been raining on and off all day long.  In between, there is a cold, endless grey.  It feels like October.  I haven't minded too much, though it has made me sleepy.  I made a French press pot of coffee (very unusual for me), and I've been enjoying it.  I had the back door open to facilitate cat flow (they want out when they are in, and in when they are out, especially when it rains).
The fresh air smells wet and green.

Just now, I noticed the sun peeking out.  There are shadows on the chicken run, where the girls are scratching for worms.  I feel content.  Then, I noticed a strangeness in the kitchen.  Daisy is circling the garbage can, or at least three sides of it, clearly trying to get behind it to the side against the wall. That's odd.  What is she after?  I am sorry I asked.  When I scooted out the garbage can, a terrified chipmunk ran across the kitchen and shimmied its way into the space between the bottom of the cabinets and the baseboard, where it remains unretrievable.

And now I remember why we never leave the back door open anymore.

I may be adding Kahlua to my coffee soon...

I called the Borough Office to ask about animal control or if they had any tips for getting a chipmunk out of one's kitchen cabinets.  They took my contact information, and two minutes later, there was a smiling police officer at my door.  He successfully apprehended the rogue chipmunk while I was doubled-over laughing (Kahlua-free, I might add).


  1. Police officers in your part of the world are obviously far more obliging than here - I can imaging the response if I phoned the police to retrieve stray wildlife from my house! :)

  2. Pleeeeeeeeease tell me he addressed you as "ma'am" ....!