Thursday, September 22, 2011

Foray into vintage

Over the past year, I have begun a foray into the world of vintage clothing. I'm more than a little smitten. The more I learn about garment construction and fabric as an amateur seamstress, the less I appreciate what I find in the shops. Good vintage, on the other hand, can be a goldmine of quality and a heap of fun when you find the perfect item (like my favorite Crimplene-fabulous Flamingo Airlines dress, purchased with the original tags still attached)!

Months ago, I purchased (and immediately felt buyer's remorse over) a lace wiggle dress from a vintage shop in Fremantle. It was in very good condition, and it fit like a glove. The shop owner told me she'd been looking to stock them for ages but couldn't find any due to the Mad Men craze. This was the first she'd found in good shape, but it hadn't fit anyone well, including herself or she would have kept it. I felt it must have been waiting for me and I had to have it! Of course, as soon as it was mine, I wondered just what the heck I'd been thinking. Seriously? A yellowed, champagne-colored lace wiggle dress with a chiffon bottom? Exactly where was I supposed to wear that? Forehead whack. Sigh.

My birthday is now just around the corner, so I decided, perhaps, although she's a bit over the top, this lace wiggle dress might be just the birthday outfit I needed. I gave her a good soak...and watched the water turn a disgusting mustard yellow! I wish I'd taken a before photo. It's amazing! Instead of yellowed, champagne-color, she's more ivory with a peach under-layer.

She's in for her second soak now, and the mustard yellow water is also starting to smell of stale cigarette. She's giving up years of damage right now...but she's looking gorgeous! This baby has seen some cocktail parties in her day! Apparently, she was waiting for me after all. I can tell she and I are going to be close friends...

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