Monday, September 12, 2011

Kiddo lounge spot (or reading nest)

What did I do with those envelope-style cushion covers, you ask?

Neither of my girls likes to sleep on the top bunk, so that space is sadly unused. It becomes a repository of all manner of whatnots tossed up there by kiddos (and sometimes parents) and, at times, has even become a bit dusty. Not good.

Now that my big girl is a reader, she often sets herself up in the middle of the floor on a small chair and reads as if she's the teacher in front of the class. It's very upright and proper, but it doesn't look very relaxing. I decided to convert that unused top bunk into a reading nest (or as she prefers to call it, her lounge spot).

I tossed the four, freshly covered pillows up there along with some extraneous pillows from around the house, and voila! She loves it and often retreats there to read now, much to our mutual delight. Of course, little sisters have to get in on the joy sometimes too...

So much fun cannot possibly be contained.

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